Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas to all

Well the year is almost over. It's been quite a year for John and I and we are really looking forward to what 2007 holds for us.

Thank you for sharing our journey so far and we look forward to updating you on the house and other ramblings when everything starts up again.

Site start for the house is the 16th January so until then ... merry Christmas to you all. Stay safe and have an awesome christmas and new year.

Love to all

John & Andy


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Picnic at Hanging Block

Settlement Day - felt like knob heads sitting on a blanket on the block drinking wine but we had fun! Our neighbours (not really neighbours as such but the closest house that has been built to us so far) were out in the front yard seeing off a visitor. We waved and they waved back .... we thought perhaps their conversation went something like this "... oh dear, look at those people sitting on their block. Just smile and wave and move slowly back into the house - no sudden movements. Lock the door as soon as you get inside." :-)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12:30pm today we are much poorer

Well it's official.

We are a large sum of money poorer and own 649 m2 of dirt.

Breakfasts at our favourite restaurant have been cancelled and we expect more invitations for meals from our friends and family :-)

I love being a grown up


Monday, December 11, 2006

We settle tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the day ... that a small piece of this fine earth becomes ours.

After what was a very trying week last week (won't bore you with the fine details but it has to do with Australia Post taking 5 days to get something from Melbourne to Brisbane), the mortgage documents finally arrived and the all clear given to proceed with settlement at 12:30 on Tuesday, 12 December.

John starts his new job tomorrow so when he gets home we are going to put the picnic blanket in the car, grab a bottle of bubbly and head down to the block to have dinner .... will locate our ample bottoms somewhere in the vicinity of the kitchen.

Very excited.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Good luck will surely run out soon ....

For those that regularly read our blog, you will know that I made a sweeping promise a few weeks ago about a 'non related house blog. Unfortunately I am breaking this promise and giving you another snippet into the lives of John and I.

So ... I give you the opportunity now to close the window and not to read on any further if you are only interested in house updates.

OK ... so you're still with me - thanks for sticking with us :-).

Friday was an awesome day ... AWESOME. Why? Well firstly because I took the day off to spend with John. He drove down from Hamilton on the Thursday night as he had an appointment with the ENT Specialist on Friday morning. I have resigned from my job so what do I care about using up my sick leave (shocking work ethic I know but that's how I feel about this place).

Anyway ... we set the agenda for the day as there were a few things that needed to be done.

Agenda went as follows:

1. Breakfst out at our favourite breakfast place
2. Pick up Season 2 on DVD of SG Atlantis (just released)
3. Specialist appointment for John
4. Interview for John (for a job in Melbourne)
5. Sign documents by local police and return to lawyer (nothing serious to worry about for those that have just had images of us dealing in some form of illegal substance).

Outcome of the day's agenda is as follows:

1. Breakfast was lovely
2. Season 2 purchased - the Raith are back in full swing looking to dominate the Earth once more
3. Specialist appointment revealed that John's burst ear drum from 2 years ago (whilst Scuba Diving in the Whitsundays) has completely healed and he has been given the all clear to get back in the water again
4. John scored a job in Melbourne (this is the best new that we have had since the engagement this year!!) For those that are unaware, for the 3 years we have been together, John has only worked in Melbourne for 12 months of that time .. all other work has been commuting to country areas or interstate. This is brilliant for us as 2007 is a huge year for us.
5. Documents signed and returned

So all in all, Friday was an awesomely successful day. If we could have more days like that I reckon life would be perfect.

On another note, Sarah had her CPCA performance on Saturday. She did brilliantly!! She looked so confident up there singing and dancing. I am really thankful to her dad and his partner for allowing her to do this out of school. She really seems to love it and I am so proud of my little girl. Her dad did take some photos so I will see if I can get a couple off him so that I can display my gorgeous girl up here.

Mood: Deliriously happy