Friday, June 20, 2008

Syonara Brisvegas

Well my 2 weeks stay in Brisbane has finally come to an end! Has been a good 2 weeks but very glad to be getting back home. Husband will be staying for another week however.

Not sure how much rain has been in Melbourne but it will be interesting to see how my garden is looking and how the drain in the back yard is holding up.

Things I'm looking forward to when I get home:

- sleeping in my own bed
- watching our TV (getting a bit sick of watching a 52cm screen)
- seeing the puppies
- cooking in my own kitchen, not the electric hot plates in the apartment!!

Matt from up the road was supposed to build the garden beds out the back while we were gone but I haven't had any reports from Sarah that there has been any movement in the backyard. Oh well ... it's been this long now, what's another few weeks!!

Things I'll miss in Brisbane:

- not having to wear scarf, hat, gloves and overcoat to brave the outside world
- cheap petrol
- our beautiful niece Grace .. now 9 months old.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where else but Queensland

Where else do you find muggy weather, frizzy hair and unhelpful people!!!

I think the folk in the hospitality industry have forgotten the meaning of the word 'hospitality'!!

Experiences so far have been:

1. We go to Brisbane Botanical Gardens, have a coffee in the garden restaurant and ask them how to get to Mt Tamborine.

Us: Hi - can you tell us how to get to Mt Tamborine?
Brisbane-ite (insert stereo-typical blonde voice here and tilt head to one side): Noooo ... that's on the Gold Coast
Us: Yes we are aware it's near the Coast however can you tell us how to get there:
Brisbane-ite: Noooo ... we don't go to the Gold Coast
Us: Thanks for your help

2. Had a meeting in Mansfield yesterday (about 14km away from where our office is) so I caught a taxi.

Taxi driver (insert stereo-typical italian taxi driver who wouldn't turn on air conditioner but windows down): Where to
Me: [give him address]
Taxi driver: do you know where that is
Me: No .. but I'm guessing in Mansfield
Taxi driver: Do you know how to get there
Me: No ... that's why I am catching a taxi
Taxi driver: Do you know what the name of the building is
Me : No ... I'm from interstate .. I've never been there before
Taxi driver: [insert heavy sigh and tut-tutting as he has to look up Melways for directions]

3. I get on a bus last night to get back to apartment, but got on wrong bus. Got off at first stop I could and walked to a street I was familiar with. A bus comes along so I ask the driver:

Me: Do you go anywhere near Turbot Street
Bus Driver: I go straight down Adelaide Street
Me: Yes I know you go down Adelaide Street but does it go far enough to be in the vicinity of Turbot Street
Bus Driver: I go straight down Adelaide Street
Me: I am trying to get to the corner of Bowen & Turbot Street .... will this bus take me within a 4 block radius
Bus Driver: I go straight down Adelaide Street

Where else but Queensland indeed!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

My darling A called me tonight to tell me that tonight might be the last night we were married cause she was gunna run away with some sawn off bloody Canadian who reckons he can sing

Well unlike her I reckon there is something to say......... but Im a firm believer in the addage that a picture is worth a thousand words.................

Im thinking about career in graphic design....................... waddayareckon :)


No title post

This post has no title because there is nothing I could even say to live up to the standard of this man. Off to the concert tonight..... have been looking forward to it for 3 months.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's finally here .....

No, not the paving ... not the entertainment unit ... and certainly not the grand piano.

Finally, the long awaited premiere of 'Sex and the City'!!!

We're off for a girls night tonight to see it and then dinner and de-brief after the flick. I'm told to take the tissues because it's a bit of a tear jerker in parts!!!!

I almost got in trouble from the compliance leader in our business when I sent an email offering sex in the city to all the girls in the office :-))

Monday, June 02, 2008

New curtains and a birthday party

Phase 3 of the bedroom makeover has been complete. Curtains .... for those that can't pick what the change has been :-)

Sarah also had her 11th birthday party on Saturday (bowling) with a sleepover on Saturday night. Surprisingly the girls were very responsible and were in bed by 10:30pm!!