Friday, May 30, 2008

Inspection complete .... and new chair arrived

12 month inspection completed. For PD builders, keep in mind that this inspection is for 'structural' items only, so if anything is not right with appliances or other bits and pieces, they won't care about it!!

I only had a few items for them to look at .... the kitchen benchtop, the electrical work in the bathroom and Sarah's room (every now and then zaps and light turns off ... I'm no electrician but I'm tipping this is not good), and the glass on the shower screen. There were a couple of other items but he wasn't interested as they were not considered structural and I should have 'raised the issue' at the 3 month inspection!! Yes, I did have a bit of a go at him about that.

Another issue I was a bit annoyed about was our roof tiles. We've had 2 tradies over the last 6 months go up on the roof and both of them said 'there are a lot of broken tiles'. I raised this with the inspector and all he said was "you should have bought this up at the 3 month inspection" (I clearly forgot to check the roof all those times I went up on to the roof) ... and then the next comment was "how do we know that your tradies didn't break the tiles".

It was an argument I wasn't going to win so I just said "whatever".

I was also a bit annoyed about the issue of the bench top. There is one area that the join in the laminate has become a bit more noticeable than the other joins. There is also a tiny bit of 'bubbling' in the laminate in this area (not sure how to describe it) so I pointed it out to him .. and again his comment was "how do we know you haven't left water on the bench for a long period of time or put something hot on the laminate".

Again ... I wasn't going to win the argument so again just made him write it on the inspection sheet anyway but I'm not putting any bets on that we'll get it looked at.

So that's kind of annoying.

The other annoying thing is that John is back up in Brisbane for a month. Left on Monday morning. The next 2 weeks will be horrible but I'm going up to work in our Brisvegas office for 2 weeks to keep an eye on him!! Looking forward to the warmer weather (but not the rain that is going to make my hair frizzy!!).

The positive this week however has been the arrival of my new chair (we'll call this the 'reading chair').

This is our little retreat area in the bedroom :-))

Only 2 more things needed for the room then we're done ... swags & tails which are coming end of June/early July and still looking for a low line entertainment unit to put the x-box on and put the DVDs etc away.

Did find one the other day but was in the wrong colour!! Isn't it always the way!!!

The X-Box couch is enjoying the rest. John decided to take Need for Speed with him (good one) so there are no good games for me to play. His comment was "you can play Feroza". For anybody that has an X-Box 360 you'll know that it's a pretty lame game!!!

Thanks husband.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Is that 12 months already???

Can you believe that it is almost 12 months since we moved into the house??? I certainly can't. Well probably because it's only been 11 months and 2 weeks but let's not dwell on the detail.

What an unbelievable 12 months it has been. New house, married and new jobs for both of us.

I asked J to phone PD the other day to try and get a date for the 12 month inspection (those that have built with PD know that you have to request this inspection, they won't automatically book one in for you). I figured that they would mess around with dates and it would take a long time so I wasn't expecting any sort of response. Within a couple of hours of my request to aforementioned husband, he had emailed me telling me to work from home next Friday (16 May) and somebody would be out to do the inspection.

Wow! Now just have to put a list together .. mind you, it's not a long list but fairly important things (ie. electricals are a bit dodgy and one of the joins in the kitchen bench looks like it won't last much more than a couple of years). Other than that, we'll see if they pick up anything we haven't noticed.

The X-Box couch had a very good run over the weekend with lots of Need for Speed & Gears of War playing. J thinks the 'couch shit' and the 'bed shit' are a bit much for him to deal with but he'll get over it I'm sure :-))

We had some quotes done on Saturday as well for some blinds and stuff ..... swags/tails for the master bedroom and a holland blind (I think that was it) for the sliding door out onto the patio.

The only downer of the weekend was on Saturday when the bricky didn't show up to build the garden beds. I was REALLY annoyed as I was looking forward to seeing some more work done out the back, and we had lost his number so couldn't even ring to see what was going on.

Anyway ... get a call from him on Sunday apologising for not having phoned however he was in hospital after a fall from some scaffolding on Friday where he broke two fingers in his hand and also broke his phone, therefore couldn't get ring when he wanted to. He is now out of action for 6 weeks.

We felt pretty bad for cursing him after hearing that!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The cost of happiness

One cheap, unremarkable looking couch: $500

Cushions to try and brighten it up: $100

A husband's happiness because he has his own place to sit and play computer games: Priceless

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gorgeous trees

On Sunday I dragged Sarah to the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens. Not sure how Royal they are but that word is thrown in there as well. As a typical 10 year old this was a very lame thing for her mother to make her do and of course I heard all about it for a while ... until she got there and she had a great time!!!
Anyway .. I digress ..... if you are a fan of Aussie natives, then this is the place for you. It's a lovely way to spend an hour or two of your day just walking around the gardens. I came across a few plants that I would like to put in my garden .... this silver plant one of them. The photo actually doesn't do it justice and planted on mass, it looks simply stunning.

The other highlight in the garden are the grass trees. These are just awesome looking trees and I wish we had a place for one!! Some of them are 400 years old. Amazing.

Monday, May 05, 2008

It's coming

X-Box couch has been made and due to arrive at the store on Wednesday.

Of course my chair isn't coming at the same time (why would it) because the material was not in stock. Sigh.

But as long as the big boy is happy ... apparently that's all that matters. I'm sure that trials will begin on Sunday to test it out.

Dave made a very apt comment .... if he gets an ass groove in the chair too quickly, he's sitting on it far too often.