Friday, February 22, 2008

ADSL .... finally

Well folks ... we have finally moved into the modern era and today I pick up the modem that will connect us to ADSL Broadband. I think we may even be lucky enough to have a port that is ADSL2 enabled!!

So goodbye dial up .... you have been a good friend however it's time for us to part ways. This time, forever.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day,
A lot of people poo-poo valentines day, saying that that the whole idea is to boost the profits of the profits of greeting card manufacturers, florists and those companies that make soft toy teddy bears with 'I love you' written on their bellies.

Today like any other day is a day where you can appreciate your partner and how they enrich your life. The only difference is that today all the hype and commercialization gives you the chance to either focus on it, or it gives you an excuse to dismiss it all as a load of bunk.

When we were married, I spoke to our guests about how the ancient Greeks had muses who were the beautiful daughters of the gods and inspired them to write, paint and make music. In that same way I felt my wife Andrea was a gift from above, sent to take the slobby, thoughtless bogan that I am and inspire me to be a better person.

And inspire me she does...... Every day, not just today

Happy Valentines day Bubs


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow it's started

We have some movement in the backyard!!!!

Dad came over last weekend and started to put up the retaining walls for the paved area. The land drops away a fair bit (which we knew) but it's a bit higher than I anticipated so I have to rethink the other bits around the paving now.

I've started to plan out what we need to do and I think it's going to look fantastic. I'm keen to get the paving done because then I can finish the front yard!! Why are they even connected you ask? Well we need to deliver stuff out the front and then barrow it around to the back. I don't want to do a nice front lawn with trees and plants and then be running over it with the barrow every 10 minutes.

Question for you men out there ........ something I found quite perplexing yesterday.

As you know, John sails every weekend. While he's been in Brisbane he hasn't been able to get out and sail as much as he would have liked to. As you know by his previous post, he spent 3 days at Geelong sailing on the Australia Day weekend so this week he said to me that he wouldn't be sailing on Saturday so that he could spend the weekend with me.

Noble .. lovely .... quite sweet.

Yesterday I then said to him that he could go sailing if he really wanted to as I had to go to the hairdresser and could use the opportunity to do some other stuff that he is not interested in and then we would go out for a nice dinner Saturday night.

Lovely??? Apparently not.

I get an email from him saying that his mates at work wanted to know what I'm softening him up for to allow him to go sailing ......

What is with you men???? If we are naggy bitches that tell you you can't do something, you complain. When we happily say 'please go out and do something' you complain.

And you reckon we're high maintenance :-)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

DUI (Dialling Under the Influence)

J here,
Dont you think it would be a great idea if someone invented a Phone that had a breath tester in it that detected your B.A.C (blood alchohol content) through the microphone and if it was more than a preset level, locked out the phone so that you couldnt SMS and the only number you could dial would be for a cab ??

In addition to you not being able to make embarassing texts or calls your Ex to tell them what a bastard/bitch they are or telling them that you still loved them, it would also prevent your current signifigant other waking you in the middle of the night !!

A has been off to a 'sales conference' this week and as part of this week long Gab fest there is a boozy dinner at the end of each day. All in the interests of 'team building' of course.

At 23:11 hrs I was woken from my slumber by the buzzing of my phone on the bedside table in my hellishly hot apartment bedroom.

There was a message from the bestest wife in the world saying 'I love you' followed by 3 kisses.
A fine sentiment indeed, but wouldnt it have been better if she had sent this earlier in the evening ??

Still its nice to know shes out enjoying herself while Im away .........

I'm off to write an email to Nokia


Friday, February 01, 2008

It's official ...

We have the coolest house in the world .... .temperature wise that is !!!

Yes the long awaited air conditioning system finally went in yesterday. After a lot of frustration with the installers mind you.

So now I'm just sitting around patiently waiting for a hot day.

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!