Monday, May 25, 2009

Garden beds underway

Yesterday was a busy day in the backyard putting some of the garden beds in.

Unfortunately my brilliant maths mind was unable to calculate how much soil & mulch we needed so of course ..... I fell short!! D'oh. Due to Sarah's birthday completely wiping me out of cash, unfortunately I couldn't order more to finish. Oh well .. there's always next pay :-))

I would have been VERY happy if it was finished, but at this stage I'm just mildly pleased with how it is looking. EXACTLY as I wanted it to :-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sarah's birthday

Well a little bit of 'non house stuff'. Sarah turns 12 on the 23 May but we had a birthday celebration yesterday for her as she will be with her dad next weekend.

Saturday was shopping day and she was given a budget so that she could buy whatever she wanted. Twilight is the big 'thing' at the moment so you'll see by the pics below that a lot of things were Twilight related!!

Sunday was a low-key lunch with Poppy & Nana Liz, Aunty Min (Godmother) and the Ho (aka Kirstie). She's having a big birthday bash with her school friends next week so we didn't want to invite kids to 2 birthday parties. The day was a good one though and she seemed to enjoy herself.

Another year closer to becoming a teenager!! Yikes.


Me and Kirstie (aka the Ho)

Sarah in her much beloved Twilight t-shirt

Aunty Min (my BF), Nana Liz (step mum) & Poppy (my dad)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Paving ... harder than it looks on TV!

Well yesterday was a very productive day. The weather was absolutely beautiful so it was time to give these pavers a go. After this experience, all I can say is tradies are a god send (if we could afford one!!). Laying the pavers was easy ... it's getting the bed of sand perfectly flat that is the impossible task. We decided that when it comes time to do the main patio area, we will definitely hire somebody qualified to do it.

So our path is almost done .. we didn't quite get finished yesterday so hopefully John can finish today or tomorrow.

It's not perfect .. but neither are we. And I figure that when the water feature is done and garden beds are planted, you won't notice how wonky the paving is (let's hope not anyway).

Pics below to tell the story of the day.

Oh Mr Hart - what a mess!!

This sucks - why can't I pay a little man to do this!!!

Well I've done that bit ... now what will I do!

It's dodgy ... but it's ours. The larger area on the left sits outside the formal lounge.
The paving will be surrounded by plants and will be a a seating area.

Looking from the water feature

My only backyard plant! Magnolia Kay Parris - 2 flowers soon to bloom.