Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to one and all

Well, almost another year over. Boy I hate getting old!! The years just seem to roll on and I never seem to do half the things I wanted to do.

2009 is going to be a great year for us.

Sarah starts at a new school next year (Grade 6) in preparation for high school in 2010. She's growing up to be quite the young lady. Like any spoilt, only child, she has a rotten attitude at times and gives us all a lot of grief - but she's a pretty good kid (bias mum talking probably).

My job is changing and I am looking forward to seeing how that plays out. Economically, just like most other businesses, we will see some tough challenges but I'm pretty happy to be here and to work through the tough times with my team mates.

J continues to work at the same place (yay!!) although he has warned me he may be off to Perth for a few months next year. Hoping that doesn't happen but will wait and see.

Tim & Chris (J's kids) are growing up fast and we are hoping to see more of them next year. Although Hobart isn't too far on the plane (takes longer sometimes to get to work in the morning!!) he still continues to have issues with his ex so we can't always arrange for the things we'd like to do with them. The kids arrive tonight for 8 or 9 days so J is pretty excited.

And finally, my 2009 wish is to purchase our pavers. Yes yes ... I had to say something didn't I!!!! I'm hoping that once the patio area gets done, we can complete the rest of the backyard and then finish off the front yard. I imagine this is going to take most of 2009 but my goal is to have all landscaping done by christmas 2010 (with the exception of the pergola which should get done in 2011).

So to those friends and loved ones that read our blog because distance keeps us apart ... and to those cyber friends that we have met throughout the year and continue to build friendships, we wish you a spectacularly merry Christmas ..... joyous New Year celebrations ..... and a 2009 that brings you love, prosperity and happiness.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

A new benchtop ... eventually

At our 1 year inspection (waaaaay back in June) we asked PD to replace the kitchen benchtop.

Why? Because it showed up every tiny little mark and you couldn't even put a bottle of wine on the bench without it leaving a ring.

After the first few months I thought that maybe it was because we chose black and it just shows every mark, however I was assured that regardless of the colour, it shouldn't be doing it.

So after 5 or 6 visits (can't remember now) ... from 5 or 6 different people .... ranging from PD, to the cabinet maker, to Parbury, to Parbury's boss to the uncle of the man that knew the guy ...... anyway .. you get the picture. Everybody that looked at it said "yeah .. it shouldn't be doing that". Then I would go through the pain of explaining that I don't cut things on the benchtop, I don't clean it with bleach .. blah blah blah.

Anyway .. I was starting to think that it would never get fixed and I'd have to put up with a horribly marked looking benchtop for the next 10 years ... but yay ... we finally had approval that they would replace the whole thing and they will give us a call after we get back from holidays. Should take 2 days at the most apparently.

I did try to be a bit cheeky and ask for an upgrade to the benchtop and to add the waterfall bits that everybody has now (love love LOVE those) but I was very quickly told no. I said I was happy to pay for the upgraded bit but the phrase 'tell her you're dreaming' comes to mind.

You have to try don't you!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas is almost here

Well after my little meltdown yesterday, I thought I'd post some christmas cheer.

Our christmas tree is up!! Yes, I'm one of those people that puts the tree up as early as possible and the carols start piping through the house for weeks on end.
While I'm still very disappointed that the paving area won't be done by Christmas, I figure if that's the worst thing that is going wrong right now ... I'm doing OK.

And of course J's consoling efforts last night consisted of the phrase "Don't worry too much about the pavers darling, at least I can ride my bike".

One day Alice ... pow ... right in the kisser!!!! :-))

Monday, December 01, 2008

Not bloody happy Jan

Just rang to order the pavers.

None available until January.

Am I pissed off? Too bloody right I am.

Where's Jan so I can smack her in the head.