Friday, July 18, 2008

They're finished!!

Matt has had this week off and been coming down every day to finish off the garden beds.

Slow .. yes but he has done a great job. Matt - you're a legend!!!

Just so you know what you're looking at ..... the 2 garden beds will be rendered (have been looking for a good colour and I may have just found it by stealing Bern & Perry's front render colour!!) ... the pavers are a cream colour, but more 'yellow' cream than 'pink' cream (that makes much more sense when you see the differences) so it's going to be important to get that right.

Anyway ... I'm rambling .. where was I ... oh yes, rendered garden beds which will have a bamboo panel behind each bed. Plants of choice ... yukka heads with some other plants at the bottom (can't remember their name but they are purple and green ... common name is 'moses in a cradle' or something similar).

The gap in between the 2 beds will be a blueboard panel ... again colour is important but I'm thinking green or red .... and that area will be where the BBQ will sit.

All the bit in front (where the rubbish & weeds/grass is) will obviously be paved.

So there you go ... one job done ... 593 to go!! Can't wait to try and render ... should be fun!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bedroom update & backyard mess

OK .... I have been feeling very guilty about my lack of 'love' for the house blog, and my fellow house bloggers have shamed me into posting something!!!

So a few things have happened around the house.

We ordered the entertainment unit for the bedroom while we were in Brisvegas and it got delivered upon our return. We absolutely love it and it's perfect for the room.... the colour of the wood is almost identical to our bed!!! I say that our bedroom is now complete however J says 'it will be complete when we get the bundy fridge'.

The other very slow changes are to the backyard. As you may recall, we had to build the bricked garden beds (which will be rendered) before we could flatten the area and pave it. Unfortunately 99% of the brickies in Melbourne wouldn't do it because it was such a small job and the one guy we did find, fell off the scaffold the day before he was due to come over and broke his hand so couldn't work for 6 weeks!!

In hind sight ... waiting for him for 6 weeks may have been a better option as they would now be done and the paving would also be done!!!!!

I shouldn't complain though ... one of our great neighbours (man it's good to have tradies in the street) agreed to do the beds for us for a few hundred dollars!! Great, cheap as. He's a lovely guy but slow ... boy, you have no idea.

In all fairness to him however he is not a bricky so I can't expect him to get it done as quickly as a bricky would ... but it doesn't help my desire to get it all done before the big rains come (yes .. I'm sure they will come!!!).

So about 6 weeks into the project and he is ALMOST finished. I noticed last night that he had been down during the day and on one of the beds, he has almost completed the top row ... just needs another couple of rows on the other one.

I took a photo a few weeks ago so you could see the start .... and took a photo last night (not a good pic) to show what has been completed so far.

And now to the bike :-)))

No .. won't bore you with bike stories on this blog but I thought I'd post a pic anyway!!! After all .... you can never have too many pics (isn't that right Perry!!!).
And just for your info ... her name is Scarlett :-)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


J here,

I dont know if we have any loyal readers left out there but on the off chance we still do I would like to apologise for the lack of blogg action of late.

A, (also known as geek girl) has been somewhat distracted the last few weeks by something shiny........ Her new Motorcycle.

Just in case you folks havent clicked on the new blog page listed to the right of this post. I will attempt to update you.

I have been away quite a bit of late (weve been married about 10 months and 5 of those I have been in Brisvegas and I thought it was time I got the girlie something nice for being so understanding.

A has always wanted to ride a bike and a couple of years ago year 'grumpy santa' got her a voucher for some riding gear that so after a bunch of research on line while I should have been working I Brought her a suzuki GS500F.

We picked up the bike last thursday and I have had it surrounded by razor wire in the Garage until such time as she can ride it. Come to think of it A did have some rather suspicious cuts on her hands the other night and when questioned about them she told me she got them '...... cooking your tea you bastard !!'

So Today A is off with her dad doing her learners course so that we can go for our first ride together on the weekend.

Ok.... On the house front. The new entertainment unit has arrived for the bedroom and the garden beds for the outside bbq area are taking shape.

Hang in there dear reader and Im sure her ladyship will update you all with pictures when she eventually gets her licence.