Monday, January 29, 2007

The concrete cows have been

It appears that the concrete cows have been and deposited large 'cow pats' on our block!!!

We were thrilled to drive down the road and see the following:

- Temporary fencing
- Piers have been done
- Lines drawn ready for plumbing

The block next door is also a Porter Davis home and they have put temporary fencing around the 2 blocks. They already have the plumbing in (no piers required on that block) - a big difference to day 1 of building when they had nothing done. Amazing how quick they actually work when they start.
See you in another couple of days with some updated pics!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

There was movement at the block, for the Supervisor had got around ...

23 January 2007 ... a momentous day in the life of John and I when Porter Davis started work on our house. It feels like this day has taken forever to come, but now that it's finally here, it's a bit scary to think that in just a few months we need to start thinking about packing up the current place and moving (if all goes to plan).
We still haven't heard from the Supervisor (apparently his name is Darren) but we're taking the fact that they started as a very good sign.

A bad sign from last night was when we ran into Sarah and a new friend she has made in her street. They were riding around the estate and happened to be at our block when we arrived. Sarah introduced us (in a very adult way!) to Kristie who proceeded to tell us that they built with Porter Davis and during the building of their home they had 2 fires, a flood and a cracked wall!! We were quick to say goodbye to Kristie as we didn't want to hear any more horror stories in case the bad luck bug jumped across to us.

The photos above show the block, scraped of all grass and debris ... the very important porta-loo for the builders .... and Sarah doing a 'da daaahhhh' showcasing the block.

Monday, January 15, 2007

An Ode to Priscilla

The plans arrived,

We took the time,

To check that they were right.

A minor change,

Here and there,

Even added a light.

But lo and behold,

What’s that we saw,

It looked just like a truss.

Now don’t be daft,

Don’t be silly,

It’s just a Hippopotamus

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stuff is getting done!

First day back at work yesterday for both John and I *groan*. By midday when the last 2 week's holiday were becoming a distant memory and I was on to my third coffee, an email popped up from the lovely Megan (our PD Consultant).

How sweet to see the words "we are currently ordering the materials for your new home"!!! Cheers of elation were heard throughout the office. We will find out who our supervisor is this week (hope he's nice!) and on Friday he will start to arrange his crew for the start of the build process.

Ripper Rita!!