Sunday, April 29, 2007

Is it wrong to be this happy about a building?

After having a lazy breakfast with my best friend yesterday morning, we headed down to the house to see what had been done. A quick detour to pay the money owed for the curtains to be made and we arrived at the house to see a Ute parked in our garage.

Min agreed that the colour of the portico wasn't right (groan) so I braced myself for the fact that other things may look crappy to other people.

Finding the tiler in the bathroom and having a bit of a chat we set about checking on the progress.

Splashback has been put in the kitchen (I absolutely love it) and our little Italian tiler had been doing a super job on the tiles. In his broken English I got out of him that he was finishing up on Sunday as he has another job to start.

The pics above are of the house yesterday .. and today (while I'm here at work) I thought I'd update with yesterday's pics .. but will head down this afternoon to see if he has indeed finished.

I absolutely love the tiles and the kitchen looks fantastic, so my disappointment of the portico has been overshadowed by these latest instalments. I would have loved to hang around but obviously it would have bored Min to tears.

Rang John (who is in Tassie) to let him know how fantastic it is all looking.

We also tested out the downlights and they look great too.
Update will follow this evening!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ah ... there he is!

OK, so we found the tiler.

One of the benefits of building a home close to my daughter is that she has been able to keep an eye on the progress while we are not there. Last night she had been out walking with her dad's partner (and I'm assuming the dog as well) and I received a text from her telling me that somebody was at our house, and it was too late for them to be tradies!! Of course I had a mild panic attack picturing all of the damage that these people were doing to our beautiful house.

So I decided to take a well earned break from work and drove down to the house - hoping that somebody would be there to let me in.

Nobody was there. Thinking that not much work would have been done since Wednesday but wanting to scrutinize the damage done by our visitors last night, I picked up the camera and walked the perimeter of the house (don't like the idea of not being able to get into the house!!).

Walking past the ensuite window I saw the beginning of a tile .... big smile as I planted my face onto the window and saw that the shower walls had been done. Nothing on the floor as yet or in the shower recess.

Next thing I noticed was an outdoor powerpoint ..... then as I looked through the kitchen area I noticed:

- downlights in
- ducts for heater
- GPO's

Wow!! So much had been done in one day I was .. once again ... amazed at their progress.

Walking around to the other side of the house and once again, peering through the windows the laundry has been completed (just waiting for grout) and Sarah's bathroom wall tiled and bath .. just waiting on shower recess and floor.

I was a bit bummed that I couldn't get into the house but was more than pleased with the progress that has been made.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anybody seen the tiler??

After having a wonderful sleep in yesterday, we got up and ready to go out for breakfast at our regular cafe (tradition for day's off) and then head to the house.

First disappointment ... the cafe was closed! Yes I know it was ANZAC Day however this woman opens every day except Christmas so we were very surprised that she wasn't open. So I cooked Johnno some scrambled eggs and I had french toast (much cheaper than going out mind you) and then took a drive to the house.

Second disappointment ... looked through the ensuite window hoping to see the tiles laid. Nothin'.

The car didn't start when we went to leave (long story) so we got one of our friendly neighbours to give us a jump start. While we were chatting some tradies arrived at next door's house ... so we got them to open up our place so I could take a peek.

While I was very disappointed that the tiler hadn't been, there has been work done since Saturday.

- door handles on all doors and wardrobes
- door stops put on
- plumbing above bathroom sinks have been put in (we have wall taps not taps that are attached to the sink)
- corner bits on the house finished off

The corner bits (no idea what they are called) have been put on around the dining area (will update with photo later in the week). Finishes off this area nicely.

So I imagine that the tiler won't start until next week now. Little bit disappointed but I guess there was some work done so it's not so bad.

We figure that the only stuff left to do is:

- electricals
- tiles
- ducts for ducted heating
- cleaning

Bring on the 17th May I say!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Countdown has begun

1 month to go .....

This time next month we should be (please note the use of the word 'should') going to Porter Davis to pick up the keys.

Mood: Deliriously excited

Friday, April 20, 2007

The call we've been waiting for

Oh ............................... my ............................................ goodness ..................................................

We have received the handover date for the house.

wwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

John just rang ..... I answered the phone with 'hello' .. he responded with 'guess what' (I hoped this wasn't going to be a long drawn out process because I was just about to go and get my daily latte fix). 'What' was my answer. A brief silence and the words followed '24 May'.

This date takes us to 16 weeks and 1 day for the house to be built. Not too bad at all.

We have a walk through on the 17th May to go through all of the bits and pieces that need to be fixed. I'm hoping that this isn't too onerous as we have been giving him the fixes as we find them.

It will take about a week to put the timber floors and carpet in so I guess move in date will be around the 30 May.

Far too excited to work now so I'm sure there will be nothing done for the rest of the day. (nothing unusual my boss would say). Cheeky bugger.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meetings with no outcome

I hate meetings with no outcome. I had 2 yesterday and both times I have reached the end of the meeting and thought to myself 'well that's an hour of my life I'll never get back'.

So at about 2:30 I decided that it was such a beautiful day, I'll take a drive down to the house to see if anybody is working.

Nup, nobody. Although a tradie has been in to waterproof the shower areas in the bathroom and ensuite. Some thick blue/grey type stuff.

They have now fixed the front door so we'll ask Peter for a key. How else are we going to get in and take photos!!! I'm told we have got buckleys chance of him giving us a key but you can only ask I guess.

I did notice a few places in the paintwork (external) that needs fixing so I'll start making a list of stuff now so that the final inspection isn't so long and tedious.

Peering through the windows I did notice that the carpenters have removed the doors in the kitchen and the laundry that were odd colours so hopefully that will all look the same now.

Still haven't heard from Peter with a move in date but fingers crossed we will hear very soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On the home stretch

OK - it's officially getting scary. It's the 17th April and this time next month we should be really close to moving in. I lost interest in doing any packing over the weekend and every time I go into the garage I get one of those awful feelings that it's going to be a really crappy job to pack everything up.
Anyway ... painter has finished. There were some bits that haven't been done (such as just above laundry cupboard and in the shower areas, but I guess as there will be tiles there, he doesn't need to paint!!
I'm really happy with the interior colour of the walls, however John wasn't as happy. He would have liked something a little more 'yellow/creamy' but I think once the feature walls are done and we have our furniture in there, he may be a little happier about it. Here's hoping :-)
Not even going to discuss the disasterous portico colour. I figure if I don't worry about it too much, I'll eventually get used to it until we can do something about it. I'll make it a priority however to get it re-done by Christmas. Want to get rid of the awful bagged & painted look and change the colour. Maybe by Christmas I'll have an idea about what the right colour is!!
Anyway ... I'm told that I shouldn't be so annoyed about it and just be happy that I'm pleased with everything else.
We spoke with Peter again yesterday and I actually started to feel really bad that we speak to him so much. He keeps saying that it's OK, ring him as much as we want, but it just doesn't feel right. Would be a different story if ours was the only house he is supervising, but he has about 18 others so imagine if every owner rang him as much as we did!!! Poor bloke.
Then again ... he's probably paid a crap load more than me so why shouldn't we bother him!!!
Next update will hopefully be photos of the tiles. Now if you think I was worried about the roof tile colour, I'm almost having heart failure worrying about what the tiles are going to look like. Everything that I can possibly cross is crossed and I am just hoping like hell that what we have chosen and how we have laid them out is going to look OK.
So until then ... farewell friends and we shall meet again in Cyberspace soon.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Our first major disappointment

Knew it was too good to be true!! Sarah and I ventured to the house on Wednesday afternoon to check the progress of the painters.

First thing I noticed was that the gutters and front windows had been painted - yippee!! Then I noticed our front door so I started to get really excited ... just waiting to see what was happening on the inside.

The paint fumes almost knock you over as you walk in ... I hope that doesn't take too long to go away! But anyway, it takes on a whole new look when you don't have patches all over the wall.

We almost needed sunglasses from the starkness of the white walls!!! Obviously just done undercoat in this area :-). As you venture into the kitchen and family area however it had been painted in our wall colour - Chalkdust. It's a lovely soft creamy colour and should hopefully (she says fingers crossed) look good against the feature walls and the flooring.

Walked right through every room (as we always do) and inspected every nook and cranny.

One of the things we need to talk to Peter about however is one of the kitchen doors. Not sure if it's my eyes deceiving me but one of the doors looks like a different colour to the rest of them. Will get him to check that once the painters have left, just in case my age is playing tricks on me.

So now I get to the disappointing bit .... big lesson to be learned when signing off on your final plans. ALWAYS get an understanding of every type of paint, effects or anything else you have inside or outside of your house.

Our plans said that the front portico would be 'bagged and painted'. Clearly I am completely ignorant on this issue. I figured that was just a way of saying 'rendered'. No ... very much NO.

Bagged and painted is exactly that apparently .. they get a heshen bag and just rub a thin layer of 'whatever' over the bricks, then they just paint over it. It gives the portico a rough look, rather than that really nice smooth rendered look.

Anyway - our fault for not knowing what this was. We are going to wait until it's painted and see if it makes a difference. If it's really awful I guess we'll just get a tradie in at some point to render it properly. Doubt it will be this year though because 'money's too tight to mention'!!

Well ... it's a minor disappointment in the scheme of things. I'm sure we're in for a few more disappointments but if we can minimise them, I guess that's the key.

It's all good other than that however. We've had a great week with Sarah (school holidays) and we will get a handover date next week.

Wedding plans are progressing well (can't believe what a girl I'm becoming) and John still insists that we have a pirate theme on the boat - he's sure he can get puffy shirts for all the guests!!!!

Until next time :-)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Peter the Great

All hail Peter the Great.

This morning we met Peter (Supervisor extroadinaire) on site to run through any problems/issues etc. Since I was there on Saturday, all of the skirtings have been laid and all of the shelving in the cupboards have been done. It really does finish it off nicely having the skirtings.

True to form, the painting has been bought forward and it looks like the painter will start on Thursday, if not tomorrow. Not sure if they will work through Easter but Peter said not to be surprised if they do.

Next week is an awesomely exciting week as he will be ringing us to give us a move in date!! He thinks it will be mid May (about 6 weeks away) but will know more next week.

Very very VERY exciting.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Working on a Saturday?? What the??

The weekend was free of fiance and daughter, so I took the opportunity to do lots of stuff that bores the both of them!! Of course it wouldn't be a weekend without a trip to the house. After a lovely breakfast with Melinda, I enjoyed the sunshine as I drove down the freeway and then into the estate where there appeared to be lots of work going on. Driving down our street I noticed that there was a vehicle parked in our driveway.

Lo and behold, there was our carpenter from Porter Davis, busily cutting window frames and skirtings. I said hi and we had a chat about the work he was doing for us. He had spent the week putting the window frames up, hanging doors and doing the decorative columns into the formal lounge (which he was very glad there was only 2!!). Apparently a bit of effort to do those.

He let me on site to take some photos (as seen above).

As I left I was astounded when he said 'I'll be here again tomorrow until lunch time if you want to come back and take more photos'. What the??? Working on a Saturday AND a Sunday???

The painter is due to commence on the 12 April. He has just finished a house a couple of doors up, will then do our neighbours and then start on ours.

Yippee ... it's looking great!