Friday, January 15, 2010

We're baa-aaacckkkkk

Mmmm ... well yes, it has been a very long time since we posted.

It does however give you an indication of the lack of work that has been done around the house!! The few garden beds that I have worked on are now covered in weeds and it makes me sad everytime I look at it. The water feature is still not finished and of course ... still no pavers.

However ... this is all about to change.

This weekend I am on a gardening expedition to finish off as much as I possibly can, with the limited skills I have. It's so embarassing, almost 3 years on, that we STILL do not have everything finished.

As for the front garden .. don't even want to talk about it! That will be re-done when the paving has been done out the back.

Speaking of paving .... I'm selling my motorbike (poor Scarlett .. she was so lovely) so that I can buy pavers. That's not the only reason I'm selling mind you .... I have gone onto my full license so I now ride the CBR1000 (named Charlie) so there is no point having 3 bikes in the garage!!

Well ... I'm going to post the embarassing before photos ... and then hopefully some nicer 'after' photos following the weekend.

Wish me luck!!!!