Monday, August 11, 2008

Furniture joy .... DVD major bummer

We braved the freezing weather yesterday so that I could show J the couches I had been looking at for the formal lounge room. They are more expensive than I had originally anticipated to spend, but I figure this room won't be used as much as the family room so they should last us a good 15-20 years!! Here's hoping anyway.

Fortunately J liked them too so we ordered them ... due in 4 weeks. Yay!!

We have also chosen the wooden furniture (coffee table, lamp tables etc) for that room so the only hard thing will be choosing a nice rug to go under the coffee table. I doubt J really cares that much about a rug so I'll enjoy looking around for one.

And for those that know me .... yes, a bit disappointed that the lounge room will be done before the backyard but I have every confidence that the back yard will be done by christmas.

So happiness all round for how the lounge room is going to look.

We also FINALLY bought some new cordless phones. Friends and family are getting sick of ringing the home phone because we only had one handset .. in the bedroom .... and it used to kick in to the answering machine before you could get to the bedroom and answer it. So most of the time we would just let it ring.

Well loved ones, you'll be pleased to know that we now have 3 handsets so too much wine will be the only reason we can't answer the phone!!

We were also very excited to purchase 'Contiuum' .. the final movie of the Stargate saga. Again, for those that know us, you'll know that Stargate is a big hit in our house and we have watched with delight as Jack, Sam, Daniel Jackson (mmm yummy) & Teal'c have fought all kinds of strange & evil creatures.

So you would think the final movie would have been pretty awesome ...............

Wouldn't you???

Well ... I can assure you that it wasn't!

Very disappointing. Shame on you Stargate writers. If this is all you were going to deliver you shouldn't have bothered!!!!