Monday, July 24, 2006

And so it begins...

And so we've done it! No going back now .... contracts have been signed, copious amounts of travelling to carpet, tiles, tapware (you name it), selections have been made and we now play the waiting game.

Take a step back with me as I bring you up to date on progress so far:
  • block of land purchased
  • house design finalised and internal fittings (very exciting) selected
  • deposits made to various scavengers
  • initial release of land - August 2006
  • changes made to internal fittings (still very exciting)
  • more paperwork signed
  • release of land delayed - September 2006
  • a few more minor changes made to internal fittings (don't say it ... i'm still excited)
  • final paperwork signed
  • release of land delayed - November 2006

Spoke to the land developer this morning and she informs us that the land may in fact be released by October so after the week we have had (the passing of John's dear mum Sandra) this has been welcome news.

We will be updating this whenever something happens .. or perhaps even when it doesn't happen so bookmark this site and we'll see you soon!!

John & Andy


humff said...

So have ya got me bed yet

humff said...

And a new jug

roa123 said...


Good to see your excited about your new home! My partner and I have just recently purchased a Port Davis home as well, so we're abit anxious to start. Please let me know how things are going with your home and if you have any advice to offer.


roa123 said...
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misty & tony said...

Hi guys,
glad to see things are moving ahead. Would love to see some more photos though.

M & T