Monday, March 23, 2009

New benchtop, an ass groove and finally some landscaping

Well after my 'negative nancy' post not so long ago, I thought I'd post again with some better news.

No, unfortunately J still doesn't have a job.

The couch however, is getting an awesome workout so much so, I have to keep asking him to sit in different seats each day so that we don't get an ass groove in one seat (and yes, it would be the chaise!!).

The new benchtop FINALLY got installed last week and it's nice to have a benchtop that has no scratches on it!!! It's been in for 5 days now and not a scratch on it so the last one was definitely a dodgy bit of manufaturing.

And the other good news (well good for me, not so good for J because we know how much he loves landscaping with me) ... our Easter break will involve laying a path, building a water feature and moving in some mulch!!! I'm very excited.

How did this come about?? Well I was fortunate enough to get a little bit (and I mean 'little') of a bonus from work. So I figured 'screw it'. It's a bonus ... it's not effecting any bills or anything else so I'm going to spend it on some landscaping. I've made a deal with J that I will budget so that we can do as much as possible in the little area from the side gate to the patio area. This will involve a path, build a water feature and put some mulch down. Unfortunately I don't think there is going to be any money left for plants but we'll wait and see! I dragged both J and the child down to Pots Galore and Garden World yesterday and I think we found the pot for the water feature. The pavers will be ordered this week (hopefully) so that they arrive by Easter.

So while the main patio area is still not finished with the paving, at least the weed infested area next to the patio should like nice.

Stay tuned for photos and the arguments that will come out of this little exercise!!!!! lol


Bernadette and Perry said...

Always nice to read your entries A, and it's great that you have something to look forward to over Easter. I hear that tradies are still in short supply, perhaps you should consider the Easter break as a dry run for J's for paying job laying pavers? :-) We all look forward to the pictures! Any chance you will be coming our way again soon?

Toni said...

Had to laugh about getting J to sit in a different spot on the couch each day - lol. We have one sagging cushion in our HT..... lol.

So pleased for you that you got your new bench top. Enjoy!

Fantastic news about your bonus, even if its a little amount it seems to be going a long way!

Enjoy your Easter weekend ;-)