Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Half way there

Well last night I had my 2 hour 'pre learner' course with Ride-Tek. They are accredited to run these courses and they will also be the people testing me for my licence.

There were 3 of us doing the course... me and 2 guys. They were both in their mid 20's and I had a horrible feeling that the next 2 hours was going to be me watching my back for them hooning around me.

The trainer asked us what our intentions were for riding and why we wanted our licence ... I said that I wanted to commute to work as well as do rides with hubby (even though I wouldn't be able to keep up with his bike for the moment). The next guy had it all planned out to get to a Harley ...... then the second guy ........ wants to ride a scooter to work. Boy did I feel better after that. I figured that perhaps all young guys aren't 'hoons' and I was going to enjoy my 2 hours after all.

We rode the Honda CB 250 ... nice little bike and I felt pretty comfortable on it.

Anyway ... without boring you too much it went really well.

I was booked in to do my test on Friday ... but after chatting with 'santa' I've got a better chance of wearing a size 8 pair of jeans than getting a bike this side of 2010 so I'm reconsidering the whole thing.


Matt Walker said...


Do the test get your licence. Once you have it you have it for good!

That way once you finally get a bike you will have your full licence and will be able to get any bike you like ;)

grumpy santa said...

well thats it...... A lump of coal in your stocking is all YOU'LL be getting Girly

Keep this up and 2010 will still be VERY optimistic.... try 2020

Bernadette & Perry said...

Hey Santa! Be nice. Buy the pretty lady a bike (or at least let her get a loan for one).

Believe it or not, you might then get something YOU want for Christmas - think of all those brownie points!

I can speak from experience - we have two bikes at our place.


Grumpy Santa said...

Bernadette & Perry,
Bernadette Im sorry but the brownie points is not a plus. Your a man of the wolrd perry and you know how it works, it doesnt matter if youve got 10 brownie points or 10,000 the first time you leave a towel on the floor....... your back to 0.

Yours in grumpiness

Grumpy Santa

Gavin & Vanessa said...

I am with Matt, still go and get your learners/licence, crazy if you don't. Atleast that way you can always move forward....

Go and get it....