Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We have driveway

Well I think as I was writing about not having a driveway .. they were laying it yesterday!!

They have to come back today and put the sealer etc on it and hopefully clean up the mess they have made!! Was a bit annoyed as the colour they sprayed on is now all over our deck and over the plants. grrrrrrrr

I'm happy with the way it's turned out .... but of course now it makes the portico colour look even crappier (if that was possible). So the re-painting has definitely been moved up the priority list!!


arkraider said...

Driveway is looking good guys, yes even better when the sealer is done and you may like the blend of colours then.
Also why the arch at the lower left of the drivway, just seem a little un-user friendly when reversing out of the garage?

Anonymous said...

hey you, you old married woman ! The house looks great the wedding pictures are awesome looks like everything is going sweeeeet for you.
I Miss catching up with you it seems like forever since we last spoke, sorry my mobile has died so I had to get a new number.

The tales of J&A said...

hey anon ... your cryptic clues doesn't tell me who you are!!


The tales of J&A said...

That side of the driveway is for motorbikes Gav so no reversing needed :-))