Thursday, February 07, 2008

DUI (Dialling Under the Influence)

J here,
Dont you think it would be a great idea if someone invented a Phone that had a breath tester in it that detected your B.A.C (blood alchohol content) through the microphone and if it was more than a preset level, locked out the phone so that you couldnt SMS and the only number you could dial would be for a cab ??

In addition to you not being able to make embarassing texts or calls your Ex to tell them what a bastard/bitch they are or telling them that you still loved them, it would also prevent your current signifigant other waking you in the middle of the night !!

A has been off to a 'sales conference' this week and as part of this week long Gab fest there is a boozy dinner at the end of each day. All in the interests of 'team building' of course.

At 23:11 hrs I was woken from my slumber by the buzzing of my phone on the bedside table in my hellishly hot apartment bedroom.

There was a message from the bestest wife in the world saying 'I love you' followed by 3 kisses.
A fine sentiment indeed, but wouldnt it have been better if she had sent this earlier in the evening ??

Still its nice to know shes out enjoying herself while Im away .........

I'm off to write an email to Nokia


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