Thursday, May 08, 2008

The cost of happiness

One cheap, unremarkable looking couch: $500

Cushions to try and brighten it up: $100

A husband's happiness because he has his own place to sit and play computer games: Priceless


Rel said...

Looks great guys....Where's the shot with the model languishing across the couch, LOL !!!!

Bernadette & Perry said...

Cool - XBox party at your house!

HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Love the post ;-)

Love the room! I love blue! Feature wall is lovely! Well done, good shopping there. I picked up a lovely 3 and 2 seater yesterday for our soon-to-be formal lounge - reduced from $2600 to $1100 - can you believe that! Wasn't even going out for couches - was looking at exterior lights!

Well I suppose you two won't be leaving the bedroom this weekend nudge nudge wink wink, you'll be able to roll from the bed onto the couch! hahaha! Oh, yes you'll have to it's Mother's Day....maybe weekend after!