Monday, June 02, 2008

New curtains and a birthday party

Phase 3 of the bedroom makeover has been complete. Curtains .... for those that can't pick what the change has been :-)

Sarah also had her 11th birthday party on Saturday (bowling) with a sleepover on Saturday night. Surprisingly the girls were very responsible and were in bed by 10:30pm!!


HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Love the chair! Looks great and compliments the sofa so well - good shopping!

Sorry to hear some of your items won't be fixed up, expecially the kitchen bench :-( Thanks for the tip for the 3 month. I'll make a note of that for my "cremorne" file.

Enjoy Brisbane, nice time of the year to go up. I'm from up there and won't visit my parents between October and March! Can't stand the the humidity, you should be okay at this time of the year with your hair!

Happy Birthday to Sarah! Hope she had a great birthday.


oh, I agree with B&P - go and "shout" yourself a new game! I'm not into those games but we are all hooked on pac-man at the moment - I've got the highest score - 46880! Got that on a day our CSC really got me cross (that's my nice way of saying it).

HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Forgot to say love your swags too! Look great, I love window furnishings like that. Well done!

Bernadette & Perry said...

Chair? Curtains? How about the great kick-ass telly mounted on the wall? That's decoration! :-)

J said...

I reckon the Telly is the best part too. 42" of plama goodness.

A brought it for me a couple of years ago as a birthday pressie. It then sat in its box in the garage for nearly 18 months before it took its rightful place on the wall.

while it doesnt have a tuner in it, the tv is streamed from the media center in the lounge. We also have access to our favourite movies, and music collection throught the media center too.

Sweet, I only wish I was about more often to enjoy it :(