Friday, June 20, 2008

Syonara Brisvegas

Well my 2 weeks stay in Brisbane has finally come to an end! Has been a good 2 weeks but very glad to be getting back home. Husband will be staying for another week however.

Not sure how much rain has been in Melbourne but it will be interesting to see how my garden is looking and how the drain in the back yard is holding up.

Things I'm looking forward to when I get home:

- sleeping in my own bed
- watching our TV (getting a bit sick of watching a 52cm screen)
- seeing the puppies
- cooking in my own kitchen, not the electric hot plates in the apartment!!

Matt from up the road was supposed to build the garden beds out the back while we were gone but I haven't had any reports from Sarah that there has been any movement in the backyard. Oh well ... it's been this long now, what's another few weeks!!

Things I'll miss in Brisbane:

- not having to wear scarf, hat, gloves and overcoat to brave the outside world
- cheap petrol
- our beautiful niece Grace .. now 9 months old.

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