Tuesday, July 08, 2008


J here,

I dont know if we have any loyal readers left out there but on the off chance we still do I would like to apologise for the lack of blogg action of late.

A, (also known as geek girl) has been somewhat distracted the last few weeks by something shiny........ Her new Motorcycle.

Just in case you folks havent clicked on the new blog page listed to the right of this post. I will attempt to update you.

I have been away quite a bit of late (weve been married about 10 months and 5 of those I have been in Brisvegas and I thought it was time I got the girlie something nice for being so understanding.

A has always wanted to ride a bike and a couple of years ago year 'grumpy santa' got her a voucher for some riding gear that so after a bunch of research on line while I should have been working I Brought her a suzuki GS500F.

We picked up the bike last thursday and I have had it surrounded by razor wire in the Garage until such time as she can ride it. Come to think of it A did have some rather suspicious cuts on her hands the other night and when questioned about them she told me she got them '...... cooking your tea you bastard !!'

So Today A is off with her dad doing her learners course so that we can go for our first ride together on the weekend.

Ok.... On the house front. The new entertainment unit has arrived for the bedroom and the garden beds for the outside bbq area are taking shape.

Hang in there dear reader and Im sure her ladyship will update you all with pictures when she eventually gets her licence.



Bernadette & Perry said...

Thanks God. I thought you had forgotten us! I suppose the new bike is a reasonable excuse :-)

HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Thanks for the update John, I had been wondering where A had gone......been checking in to see photo of entertainment unit and to ask if you are happy with it? Just caught up with A's new blog!