Friday, July 18, 2008

They're finished!!

Matt has had this week off and been coming down every day to finish off the garden beds.

Slow .. yes but he has done a great job. Matt - you're a legend!!!

Just so you know what you're looking at ..... the 2 garden beds will be rendered (have been looking for a good colour and I may have just found it by stealing Bern & Perry's front render colour!!) ... the pavers are a cream colour, but more 'yellow' cream than 'pink' cream (that makes much more sense when you see the differences) so it's going to be important to get that right.

Anyway ... I'm rambling .. where was I ... oh yes, rendered garden beds which will have a bamboo panel behind each bed. Plants of choice ... yukka heads with some other plants at the bottom (can't remember their name but they are purple and green ... common name is 'moses in a cradle' or something similar).

The gap in between the 2 beds will be a blueboard panel ... again colour is important but I'm thinking green or red .... and that area will be where the BBQ will sit.

All the bit in front (where the rubbish & weeds/grass is) will obviously be paved.

So there you go ... one job done ... 593 to go!! Can't wait to try and render ... should be fun!!


Bernadette & Perry said...

Way to go! Looks good, and you can use "our" copyrighted colour on one condition - we get an invite to the grand opening of the back yard! Cheers.

Gav and Ness said...

Looking great guys.... I too had been slack on my blog. But have done some updates now. By the way let me know if you want to see continuum....

kexkez said...

thoses "moses in the bullrushes plants are terrific and they multiply really well so you can subdivide them easily. I used them as a border plant in my last house.
they're also called
"rhoeo " perhaps that's the word you were looking for.
This is a link to some dwarf ones. but the ones i had were the same colour.