Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas is almost here

Well after my little meltdown yesterday, I thought I'd post some christmas cheer.

Our christmas tree is up!! Yes, I'm one of those people that puts the tree up as early as possible and the carols start piping through the house for weeks on end.
While I'm still very disappointed that the paving area won't be done by Christmas, I figure if that's the worst thing that is going wrong right now ... I'm doing OK.

And of course J's consoling efforts last night consisted of the phrase "Don't worry too much about the pavers darling, at least I can ride my bike".

One day Alice ... pow ... right in the kisser!!!! :-))


J said...

see what i have to put up with people? I try to be consoling and supportive and I get threatened with physical Violence !!


House-To-Be said...

Wrong way to be supportive John! hehe

Christmas tree looks great!!! Suits the room perfectly. I love your lounge room :-). I'd be sitting in there all night looking at the lights :-) Got any presents to put under yet? I am sooooo unorganised this year for Christmas.....

Rel said...

Wow, how pretty does that tree look !

I am a Christmas tragic, lol. Our tree has been up for 2 weeks already.....

J said...

H2B>> Yeah, I got home on sunday night to find christmas crols blaring away in the loungeroom tree up and a rosie cheeked A sitting on the couch with her 3rd glass of champers.

The tree is seriously off vertical however, I looked at it and said to A 'the christmas tree is like you.... on the piss!'

I will have a look at it this w/e and make the necessary repairs to get it vertical again.


House-To-Be said...

oh that is so funny John. You two make me laugh so much. You know I can actually imagine A sitting there like you described :-)