Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The day my life changed

Aaaah the serenity................ we have just returned from a week in Queensland. Prior to heading to the airport we took the weekly journey down to the block and knock me down with a feather ... we have a cross-over and footpaths! Wooo hoooooooo.

I also discovered that somebody out there is either particularly cruel or thinks they are hilarious ... as there is a lovely message written in our cross-over. Which of course leads me to believe that it is somebody that knows how much this would annoy me!! I say this because in the whole road (other than Dave and Greg :-)) there is no other writing in the concrete.

Anyway ... I'm sure my dad (father extroadinaire) can fix it for us.

We have now heard from 3 different sources (hopefully all quite reliable) that the land will be released this month (how bloody exciting is this getting now). It feels like it's been forever but in all reality, we chose the block in April so all things considered, we haven't had to wait that long. After talking to a few people in the estate, some have had to wait for a lot longer so I'm pretty pleased that we'll at least get a start before Christmas.

Now just to take your attention away from the land for a moment, I have some very exciting news. While we were in Queensland, John hired a 1600cc motorbike (Kawasaki I think) .. beautiful looking thing (will post pics when John sends them through) and we headed up to Mount Tambourine. You couldn't get a more perfect day weather wise, so we donned our gear and headed up the mountain. Our destination .. Songbirds Restaurant. Voted 'Restaurant of the Year' for the Gold Coast this year ....... and I can tell you that it certainly lived up to its name. If you ever get a chance to go there, I thoroughly recommend it.

We had lunch (I had duck and John had a piece of steak) and it was just beautiful to sit and enjoy the peacefulness of the rainforest and the beautiful surroundings of the restaurant. After the meals (which were scrumptuous) we both sat back and again, just enjoyed the atmosphere and wham ... out of the blue ...... the big fella popped the question. Apparently I was a bit of a goofy goober and went a bit silly saying ridiculous things like 'no, don't be silly' but then when the reality hit the tears started. I was so overwhelmed with happiness I can't even describe it. Oh, and of course I said yes!

So that is up there in my top 3 events of my life .... hoping to perhaps succeed it only by the wedding day.

So there it is ... John's going for number 3 and I'm becoming n grown up for the first time and walking down the aisle. I don't think I've stopped smiling for the last 5 days and I certainly can't see that changing in the forseeable future.

Wow .... what a year :-)


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