Monday, October 16, 2006

What a great day to be alive

Weekly trek to the block on Saturday was very exciting ... we have ashphalt! I actually considered not heading down there because at the rate things move, I was only about 10% confident that something would be done. But, just goes to show that I really do have no idea :-)

It's now the middle of October and we expect to hear at any minute that the land is ours .. so pay up!!!

Another positive that has happened re the house, is that through my charm (cough cough) I have scored some free interior design advice. We already know pretty much what we want with regards to feature walls etc. but it was great to get a professional opinion (would hate guests to have to carry a vomit bag everytime they come over!). Verdict: our colour scheme and ideas are "fantastic" and it will look "amazing".

So all in all, other than a few hiccups, this year is turning out to be quite spectacular.

My baby girl went to her first camp last week as well ... I found some photos of when she was a baby (thanks to mum) ... and it's amazing to think that it only felt like a couple of years ago that she was that age. Boy was life different back then. Now she's 9 and already showing all the traits of a surly teenager!!! I'm told that she'll come good by about the age of 25 :-))

Mood: Happy as a pig in sh*t :-)

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