Monday, October 30, 2006

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Well not quite. Photos to follow, but the road has been finished (yay) and looks lovely and it appears that all blocks have had the survey pegs done again ready to go. You will notice when you see the pics that all of the Lot No. signs have been removed ... not sure why but I guess 'because they can' is as good a reason as any.

Loads of houses are popping up all around the estate and people are starting to do their gardens - which is always great to get ideas and see what the standard will be around the place. We hardly have any front garden so it will hopefully be a pretty easy job and both John and I have the same taste in what we like in the front garden which again, makes it pretty easy (with little or no arguments). I really do wish that people wouldn't hang sheets in their front windows though :-)). I figure that if we can't afford to do the window coverings we want, I will have nothing until we can afford it.... my theory on that is that people will only look once through the window ... get a scare and never look again!!

Onto other things non house related (and I'll try to keep these to a bare minimum) my lovely fiance (I sounded like a tool saying it out loud and it doesn't sound any better writing it down!!) ... don't get me wrong .... he is lovely ... and he is my fiance .... but it does sound stupid doesn't it!! Anyway .. as I was going to say ..... the man I'm going to marry (hehehe) surprised me on Friday by giving me the most gorgeous engagement ring known to man (and woman). It is absolutely beautiful. I am the luckiest woman in the world (awwwwww .... how putred am I getting in my old age).

So ... will keep you posted about the house. The next blog will be a very excited one saying that the title on the land has been released so I look forward to seeing you then :-))

Andy out

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