Friday, March 09, 2007

These lads must drink strong coffee

Daily trip to the house last night to finish off some insulation in the laundry had us continually exclaim 'awesome' .... 'aweseome' .... 'bloody awesome'.

Either the boys working on the house are on some pretty strong legal stimulants or just unbelievably fast workers!

Looks like almost all of the brickwork is completed and the plasterer has done over half of his work too. I imagine that by the end of today it will all be done!

We did notice however a couple of things left off the electrical plan so we'll put a call into the supervisor and see if they can get fixed before too much time passes and it's hard work to do.

I think packing a few more boxes over the long weekend is called for!


Bernadette & Perry said...

Excellent! How exciting! Can't wait to get started on our own place (also a PD).

Does this mean that you are ahead of schedule? If so, by how much?

Michele said...

The house looks great!!! It's going up really quickly.

I am hoping to build with PD next year. Which PD home are you building?

Missy said...

Woah! Your house is going up freekishly fast! But oh so exciting to see your progress!

And yes, seems like you best get crackin' on your packin'!

humff said...

wow how good it looks you guys must be so happy with the progress I mcant wait to see it finished

luv ya both Dad

And so it begins ... said...

Thanks for your comments everybody ... we are really excited about the whole process and just can't wait to start seeing the internal stuff get done (although lockup is today - yippee - and we will no longer be able to sneak into the place to check it over!!). We are going to ask the supervisor for a key but not sure if he'll let us.

And so it begins ... said...

Oh ... and for the questions above:

Bernadette & Perry - we are ahead of schedule by a week or so. According to Peter (champion supervisor of the PD world) we will be in the house within 8-9 weeks therefore 4 weeks ahead of the PD schedule!!

Michele - we are building the Everton 28. It's no longer on the PD list but has been replaced by the Monteden 29 (same floor plan barring a couple of very minor changes).