Monday, March 26, 2007

A place to store some stuff

Friday night we headed down to the estate to collect Sarah and thought we should pop in to visit the house and see what had been done.

As we entered the house, I could see the edge of the kitchen bench just poking out ..... I think my heart rate went up significantly due to excitement. Is it wrong to be this excited about this project?? I hope not :-)). It's so exciting for me because it is my first house ever (always been in rental places) and it is OUR house (mine and John's) ... the house that will see us through the next 20 or 30 years as I nag him about making sure everything stays nice and clean!!

We entered the master bedroom first and then into the ensuite ... I think I even clapped excitedly like a moron as I saw it actually looking like a bathroom!! We admired the joinery for a few minutes and then progressed into the kitchen.

Well ..... we both just stood there and looked at the kitchen, so pleased with how it turned out. After the roof tile fiasco, I have been really concerned about our colour choices on everything, and the kitchen cupboards and benchtop was no exception.

The cupboards are a lot 'creamier' than I had imagined, but we think it looks fantastic. It is a very warm colour and against the black benchtop, it looks like a kitchen we are going to enjoy for many years.

And wow .... it's big!! In comparison to the tiny kitchen we have now (which has served us very well mind you) this thing is massive. Even Sarah made some sarcastic comment about the bench top and 'did we think we could get it any bigger??'. God bless her :-)

We've got loads of cupboard space (for all the nice new things I'm going to buy ... - notice there I say 'I' rather than 'we') and we even tested out the drawers and cupboards to see how they worked!

The laundry looks great too with the extra bit of bench space we had built.

Peter tells us that 'fixing stage' will be completed by the end of this week. When we told dad his comment was 'yep, that sounds about right .. you'll be in there before you know it'.

We'll probably head down on Thursday night to check on their progress for the week.

We continue to be really impressed with the quality of the work ... we have heard people say that you can't possibly build a quality home in this amount of time, but to date, we have no complaints at all with how it is going. I think we have been extremely fortunate to have a supervisor that takes pride in his work and the labourers that he hires.

Definitely a few cases will be heading his way once the job is over!!


Michele said...

I am almost as excited as you :-) The kitchen looks great, the cream colour is perfect! I can't wait for the next blog.

Bernadette & Perry said...

Great stuff! I turn my back for a day, and you've got a kitchen!