Monday, March 05, 2007

What goes on behind closed doors

Yesterday we spent the day at the house finishing off the pre-wiring for the data, speaker and alarm cables.

No bricks up as yet but when we got into the house (good thing the laundry door was unlocked) we saw that the little oompa-loompas had been hard at work during the week.

Work completed last week:

1. Ducted heating
2. Insulation
3. Some plastering (ie. part of the entry, top of fridge area and entry into the kitchen)
4. Bricks laid out around the house - hopefully ready to start today (Monday)

This week should see some big changes with the bricks and plaster going up. There are a few things we need to speak to the supervisor about so we'll do that today and head back down tonight to finish off the last piece of cabling (we ran out yesterday).

Also worked out a small problem with the TV in the main bedroom (which is going to be mounted on the wall). The powerpoint is down the bottom of the wall and we really need it to sit behind the TV so we don't have a cable running down the wall. John will speak to the supervisor today and see if we can move it to the right place -not the builder's fault, we should have specified the height we wanted the powerpoint.

Will post photos tomorrow and more at the end of the week.

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