Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Andy's brown thumb

I may have a brown thumb, but if enthusiasm is an indicator, it far outweighs the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing in the garden!!

The weekend was a very successful one in terms of work around the house.

Now .. are you sitting down? I hope so because what I'm about to tell you will shock you. May even render you speechless for a moment.

John didn't go sailing on Saturday, and instead put up the clothesline and installed the doggy door in the laundry.


Just giving you a minute to digest that piece of information. As unbelievable as it sounds, yes it did happen.

My darling husband did an excellent job installing the doggy door and while Zach and Roxy took a bit of time working out what it was for, they are now enjoying the warmth of the laundry whenever they feel the need to get out of the weather.

The posts of the clothesline are in, giving it the week to cure properly, and then we will put the rest of it up so I can stop using the dryer!! A lower electricity bill will be more than welcome.

While hubby was out the back, I got stuck into the garden bed down the left side of the house. I've decided that nurseries are my favourite places (the plant kind, not the baby kind) and I spent quite a long time choosing what are hopefully unkillable plants. I hear the Nandina's laughing at me now ... from their dirty grave.

Although the plants are quite small now, I'm hoping that they grow up well and the garden bed looks OK. Looks good at the moment anyway .. well, better than the mounds of dirt.

I planted some Kangaroo Paws (which i love) but am hoping that I did enough preparation of the soil as they need good drainage. There are also some other natives in there (the names escapes me right now) but they are pretty cool looking plants.

Photos will follow once the mulch is down this weekend.

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