Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Green thumb?? I think not

OK .. so let's pretend that gardening is all about trial and error. Having said that, I have made an error :-))

My lovely Nandina's that were planted under the front windows have died and slow, and possibly agonising death.

While a few plants dying is certainly not a huge concern, the fact that those plants are supposed to be 'unkillable' is my major concern right now. If I can't even keep a bamboo plant alive, how the heck am I supposed to keep anything else alive??!!!!

On a more positive note however, my wobbly hedge is looking great and growing very well and the roses seem to have a bit of growth on them so ... maybe it's the Nandina's fault??

Will be planting another species in their place over the weekend ... probably a dwarf Hebe. Will posts pics on the weekend.

This blog dedicated to the Nandina lying in the compost mound.


Rel said...

Loving the new look blog !!!!

Where's all the pics ? :)

we have had our fair share of unkillable plants die in the past and I am sure there will be more when we get started on the new garden, lol.....

Missy said...

RIP Nandina. You will be sadly missed. :(