Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ahhhh the Joys of Mobile Phones

Lonely Old Me..........
The minister for war and finace left town yesterday to go to Sydney for work. I spent the day at work planning the mischief I was going to get up to at home that night..... feet up on the coffee table, watching episodes of Stargate SG1, geeking out with my computers, eating macca's, Playing my xbox 360 and if I was feeling extra naughty, NOT USING A COASTER (HAHAHAHAHA Im so evil :-) ).

I was nearly home when the old boot called to nag me about how I dont listen to my voicemail messages. I listened intently, said 'yes dear' in the appropriate places and then told her that I was missing her too and if she felt the need, she could call me again later that evening to nag me some more if it made her feel better.

I was told in a rather loud voice the GET F'D !! Im hoping she meant that Im on a promise......... but Im tipping it will probably mean the couch again *sigh*

I am convinced dear reader that the original intent of a mobile phone is not to make business easier, not to make it easier to call and say that your caught up at work and going to be late, but rather to make it easier for that special someone in your life to give you an earful whenever she feels like it.

Still, I am looking forward to going to pick her up from the airport tonight :)



Bernadette & Perry said...

Man... them's fightin' words!

Sounds like the perfect night in, but I think you probably could have handled the phone call somewhat differently!

Still - it makes for interesti ng reading! :-)


oz_johnno said...

Thanks Perry, naaah its ok, I went to the airport and dutifully stood waiting for her a 3 different flights because I had forgotten the number. All is cool though and believe me, Andrea dishes out at least as much as she gets :)


arkraider said...

Vanessa just read you article and said she said she could have sworn I wrote the first 2 paragrahs, we should deinitely get togeather once we have built. Sound so alike...