Monday, October 08, 2007

Brown thumb? I think not

OK ... so for those that have been following the saga of the front mud patch, you will remember that it has been a bit of trial and error. More error than anything (we remember you dear Nandina's).

Anyway ... after having a look back at the old pics of when we first put in the front garden bed, I think you will agree that something is going right because we have growth!!

This is the pic I took on the 17 July when we first planted the front bed:

Well this is the same garden bed (minus Nandina's) on Saturday ....

and my very first Rose!!!.....

And the new garden bed to the left of the house. From this ...

to this ...

This weekend I am hoping to put in some of the feature 'pebble' areas and plant up the little bed on the other side of the path.

Then will be the hebel wall, followed by mulching the rest of the front .. then finishing off the path.

For those that are interested, planted in the garden bed above are:

- Camelias (1 red and 1 white)
- Calistemon (1 red and 1 yellow)
- 3 x Bird of Paradise
- 4 x Boronia (the pink flowers)
- kangaroo paws (yellow and red varieties)
- Agapanthas along the border (white)
- Dietes (front border)

Cool huh! I like it anyway :-0

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vanderlay said...

Nice work! Looks great :-)