Monday, October 08, 2007

Marriage and landscaping don't mix

A little while ago I posted that John and I should never try landscaping together.

Well it appears in the moments of wedded bliss we forgot about our previous attempt and got stuck into digging the holes in the back yard for the paving area.

Went something like this ....

A: "Why do we have to dig so many holes?"
J: "Because they need to support the paved area. Just dig the hole will ya."
A: "But we're not holding up the Great Wall of China ... we are putting in some pavers."
J: "Just dig the hole will ya."
A: "Why are you over engineering this?"

Aaaaah the joys of married life :-))

On a positive note however, ALL of the holes have now been dug (yes, I only dug 2 and the hero did the rest!!) and we have some of the biggest pieces of wood in the universe to act as the posts.

The front yard is starting to look good now. I have made a garden bed to the left of the house and have graded the front yard ready for finishing off. We are going to make a small feature wall out of Hebel blocks and in the next couple of weeks we are hoping to have the front deck finished.

We have also agreed that we will get the driveway done by Christmas so hopefully within a couple of months all I need to do is water my plants and keep the weeds out.

Andy out


Rel said...

Lol, sounds like Jase and I whenever we are working on something !!!

Where are the pics ??????

oz_johnno said...

One and a Half holes dear, you dug 1 and a half holes......