Thursday, September 04, 2008

Couch MIA and a new tree

Where the hell are MY... sorry .... OUR new couches???!!!!!! Who knows. We were told 3-4 weeks, and I'm sure it has now been closer to 5 weeks since we ordered them. A stern phone call to Freedom is in order today I think.

John's two little snodgers arrive on Sunday for a week (from Hobart) and I wanted the lounge room to be done for when they get here. Not that they can use that room of course ......... only kidding. Ha ha ... I'm so funny.

Anyway ... we arrived home last night to find that the council had been and has planted trees in everybody's nature strip. Nice. Pity we haven't done the nature strip yet but I guess now we'll just work around the tree that's there!!

Not sure what type of tree it is and I'll take a photo on the weekend. It's decidious so looks quite ugly and bare at the moment but I'm sure it will be lovely.


HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Yes, you are funny! I enjoy reading your posts first thing in the morning hehe

Hope Freedom pull their finger out and get those couches there before Sunday!

Great about the tree too ;-)

Bernadette and Perry said...

What a coincidence - Freedom delivered a couple of couches to our place that we weren't expecting, but our new tree hasn't arrived.

HOUSE-TO-BE said...