Monday, September 08, 2008

Hi .. I'm Bruce

Hi there humans ... my name is Bruce and I am a Blue Tongue Lizard. I live under the deck of some people called John & Andy. Some days, there is even a little person that comes and stays for a few days at a time. She is pretty noisy and she scares me sometimes because she bounces a ball right above my house. Very annoying!!

I quite like my new home as I can hide from other humans and animals but when they are all working, I sun myself on the garden bed or on the driveway. It's very warm there sometimes.

I think the humans quite like me as they tried to feed me some strange meat the other day. I didn't really like it so I hope they don't try to do that again.
The lady human (Andy) got a bit cross with me yesterday because I decided to play in the front garden bed as it was such a lovely day .. but apparently I put all of the red bark into the white pebbles, and that really annoyed her. I heard her say something about making me into a small handbag!!

I'm not sure how long I will be able to stay here as the people were talking about fixing up the pathway leading to the deck. It didn't sound like a very good plan to me as that's where the hole is for me to crawl into my home.
I'll cross my claws and hope they don't block me in when they fix the path!!
See ya,

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HOUSE-TO-BE said...

aaahhhaahaha, you never fail in making me laugh. I love your posts!

Where are the couches??????????