Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sorry sir .. how many cushions???

Well ... the couches have arrived for the formal lounge. YAY!!! Don't know how all the cushions are supposed to fit across the back but I've done my best. Not sure about the green ones yet ... they were a gift from a friend so I'll try one day with .. one day without ... and see how I go.

Anyway .... I am absolutely ecstatic about this room. It is exactly how I'd pictured it when we built the house. Just need to find some really nice prints for the walls and that room is done!!
I think it will be a lovely spot to sit and read and look out on the garden (when it gets done).


House-To-Be said...

Love, Love, Love it! That's almost exactly how I'd like our lounge-kid free-toy free room to be..... well done. Couches look really nice.

I actually like the green cushions, is there a bit of green in the photo frame and candle on the side table? Maybe you could find a print that has a bit of green in it. Have you been to Suite Deals? they usually have loads of prints and canvasses etc in all colours.

You must be soooooo pleased it'd done. Go and grab that book!

p.s. I have to ask.....where did you get your lamp/coffee tables from?

House-To-Be said...

sorry, forgot to say that the outlook from the 2nd photo showing your red feature wall looks fantastic! Love your floors too.