Friday, November 24, 2006

Could it be .. could it really be?

"Have now been advised that the Application for approval of the Plan of Subdivision has been lodged at the Land Registry Office. The Plan should be approved any day. Once the Plan has been approved settlement will be effected within the fortnight."

This is what we received from our Conveyancer today. John rang with the good news and then emailed me the note ... of course today I am very cranky having had the phone slammed down on me for no reason whatsoever ... but that is another story .... anyway, as I was saying, this news just appeared to be the same thing we have heard for the last 2 months.

However I am assured that the 'Land Registry Office' is the new piece of information and this apparently should cause great excitement as it really is a fact that the land should be approved 'any day'.

So I will continue to wait patiently. Of course our best scenario has always been to have the slab down by christmas, allow it to cure over the celebratory period (where no builder works) and the frame should go up on a very solid piece of concrete. I'm told that one of the worst things that can happen is that the slab goes down and the frame goes up a week later ... therefore not giving the concrete enough time to settle therefore dodgy frame etc. etc.

Anyway .. let's hope the last bit won't happen.

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Anonymous said...

I can assure you that when the slab goes down give it a couple of days and u'll have framing going up. dont let some fool tell you its the worst thing that can happen! Those display homes u look at in ur estate were built on three days later.