Thursday, November 02, 2006

An unrelated blog

I will try throughout this process not to digress too much from the house, but for those that know me well, know that I'm a bit of a chatter and like to tell people what's going on (even when they are clearly not interested!!).

Anyway, 2 things happened this week that I have been very pleased with.

1. On the night of Halloween I got a very unexpected text from Sarah's 'step-mum' (not really sure what the title is of an ex's partner so that will do) with a photo of Sarah dressed up ready for trick or treating. Now you may not find this strange, but believe me, it was unexpected and I was so thrilled that she sent it to me that I got one of those real genuine feelings of happiness. It was one of those times that I looked back and wished that things were a bit different but they aren't, and I highly doubt they will ever be any different, but it was just a really nice thing to receive. Call me simple but it's simple pleasures that are the best ones. Oh and if you were wondering, Sarah was dressed up like a clown .... she looked WAY cute. If I can get a copy of the pic from my phone to here, I'll load it.

2. Pulled out the bike last night (with about an inch of dust all over it) and did an 11km ride. Well, I exaggerate .... I probably walked 5kms of the 11kms. There is a big hill on Canterbury Road as you head up to my house and no joke, it feels like it is about 10kms long .. when in fact it is actually on 2km. I haven't been on the bike since I rode with the aforementioned step-mum (which I think was early last year?? could even be the year before .. not quite sure as I've erased the pain from my memory). This ride was 62km and we rode from Jells Park to Federation Square and back again. The person I rode with appeared to do it easily while I was in far more pain than I'd ever been in my life. Needless to say, after that ride the bike was stashed in the back of the shed never to be ridden again. UNTIL NOW. Anyway, that was my 2nd good thing for this week ... while the pain was hideous, I had a great sense of achievement at getting the bike out and riding it.

OK ... that's it. No update on the land yet (curses to the council) but hopefully any day now ... any day :-))

Andy's ramblings (it won't happen again :-))


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