Monday, April 02, 2007

Working on a Saturday?? What the??

The weekend was free of fiance and daughter, so I took the opportunity to do lots of stuff that bores the both of them!! Of course it wouldn't be a weekend without a trip to the house. After a lovely breakfast with Melinda, I enjoyed the sunshine as I drove down the freeway and then into the estate where there appeared to be lots of work going on. Driving down our street I noticed that there was a vehicle parked in our driveway.

Lo and behold, there was our carpenter from Porter Davis, busily cutting window frames and skirtings. I said hi and we had a chat about the work he was doing for us. He had spent the week putting the window frames up, hanging doors and doing the decorative columns into the formal lounge (which he was very glad there was only 2!!). Apparently a bit of effort to do those.

He let me on site to take some photos (as seen above).

As I left I was astounded when he said 'I'll be here again tomorrow until lunch time if you want to come back and take more photos'. What the??? Working on a Saturday AND a Sunday???

The painter is due to commence on the 12 April. He has just finished a house a couple of doors up, will then do our neighbours and then start on ours.

Yippee ... it's looking great!


Missy said...

LOL @ the decorative columns. We have four!

House is lookin' fantabulous! How long to go until they finish? Will you guys be in before your wedding?

And so it begins ... said...

Yeah he said that usually people have four and they are a pain in the *%%*$(., lol.

At this stage looks like we are about 6 weeks from moving in.

Wedding is in August so definitely be able to settle in the house for a couple of months before we head off !!