Monday, November 19, 2007

#1 Regret

For those that have previously built or in the process of building a house, there are always the 'I wish we had thought of that' or 'Dam, I wish we put an extra one of those in there'.

While there are a few of those niggly, not very important regrets, there is a HUGE one that has to be rated as the number 1 regret of this decade.


[insert angry face here with a gutteral growling sound]

'We'll be fine' we said ... 'we've lived with no air con for years now' ....

Well dam it ... I want air conditioning!!! I'm getting older and crankier and a bad night's sleep due to the heat doesn't help the situation at all.

Quite simply, for the saving of a few thousand dollars during the build ... I can only say 'We're idiots'.

Must be off now ... my sweaty fingers are causing concern for the laptop.


Rel said...

Awww, hindsight is a wonderful thing ;)

I was talking to one of our neighbours yesterday and she was also regretting not putting it in. They have a jetmaster and central heating but no air-con.

Unfortunately when you are building everything just keeps adding up and air-con is one of those 'big ticket' items that is easy at the time to leave out.

At least it is no big deal to have installed down the track.

I sympathise with you today though if it gets to 37 :0

Tam said...

I was also sweating with you....I had an Aircon installed in my new house and guess what, not working!!!

Hopefully they can come out this week and fix before I melt.

Missy said...

you're an idiot? we're idiots, too!

shall we form a club?


Matt Walker said...


I know that my AC is bad for the environment....but not having one is bad to the mental health of those around me.

Good Luck J... ;)

Dave said...

Don't worry Andy we've got no aircon too because 1. we said we'll be fine and 2. we wanted to save some money and 3. they are rip off merchants so my uncle has his own aircon businesss so when you're in the market let me know i can get good prices on splits!