Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Winged Rats, The tale of stumpy the Pigeon


I was sitting at the train station the other day, watching a nearby asian couple fed a growing flock of pigeons on the platform. When I sat down, a group of them came over to me looking for a feed.

Now I hate pigeons, they befoul the cities statues, they carry diseases, they are in effect winged rats and I feel more should be done to get rid of them. The only thing that stops us is that they are perceived by many as 'cute' with people feeding them at every oppurtunity (sorry bout the spelling F7). Its weird because you wouldnt see people feeding rats now would you?

I was just contemplating stoving the boot into one of them when I noticed one of them was different and was hobbling about. Closer inspection revealed that the bird had lost all the toes on one foot, leaving only a stump where his toes would have branched out from his leg.
I christened him 'Stumpy'
As much as hate pigeons I couldnt bring myself to inflict further injury to a disabled pigeon, I figured life was tough enough for him already.
So I kicked one of his mates instead.


Matt Walker said...

And people reckon I have too much spare time...

Bernadette & Perry said...

Pisser! I agree with you on pigeons. Let do them first, and then hang people who feed seagulls....