Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The deck fairy

We have just spent a lovely 4 days in Brisvegas (although the weather was crap) attending a christening.

Arriving home very bleary eyed and tired at about 11:15pm last night, we pulled up out the front of the house and I admired how beautiful my petunias were growing ... how many roses have come out over the weekend .... and then the front step/deck caught my eye. It was finished!!!!

I pointed it out to John and he said "oh great .. the deck fairy has been".

It was a great surprise but we still can't work out how our fairy got into the shed to get the wood and finish it off!!!

It looks absolutely fantastic .. he has done a brilliant job. Can't wait for the driveway to be done now... hurry up concretor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if we only had a paving fairy, life would be almost perfect.

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