Monday, October 13, 2008

Backyard progress ... mega photo warning

Firstly, lots of photos in this post so my apologies if it bores you (just don't look I guess!!).

The weekend was an extremely productive one. We didn't even go for a bike ride on Sunday when it was perfect weather!!! Insane? Possibly, but when somebody offers to come and help, you don't turn it down.

Anyway ... for those that are interested .... photos below show the progress of the weekend.

Site Supervisor - Zach

Site Supervisor Andy (with Zach)

What you looking at?? Roxy

Dad arrives ... construction zone gets set up

First posts in (that's Dad .. Andy's Dad)

John and Dad covering up the joins
All done - ready for sanding

John sanding the joins ... and a bit of painting to test the colour
So still to do .... second coat of 'joining stuff' on the blue board then another lot of sanding back. Brickwork to be rendered and painted and the blueboard to be fully painted once John has done his thing (the sanding thing).
The other job started on the weekend was the posts for the garden bed at the back. Just 1 sleeper high but enough to make a bit of a garden at the back.

Good one huh!!


House-To-Be said...

Well done guys! It's going to look fantastic! Andy your Dad has done a great job. You must be so pleased with the outcome. The darker bamboo looks great. Are you still going with Kiwi Fruit? Hope John finishes his sanding soon so we can see it painted :-)

Oh, and you can never ever have too many photos :-)

The tales of J&A said...

Thanks ... we think it's going to look pretty good too. Dad is such an awesome builder .. when he does something, he really does it well. Two of his favourite sayings from the weekend were "Well, that's not going to fall down in your lifetime" and "If you want it to be straighter than that, you'll have to do it yourself".

Not sure if you can see it very well but the bit of green on the blueboard at the bottom is Kiwi Fruit. It looks quite different from the swatch Michelle posted on the forum ... a little bit more lime green than I thought. I quite like it though but will paint the brickwork this week first and see if that makes a difference to it.

House-To-Be said...

yeah I did wonder if the paint was kiwi, it looks brighter to me than what I saw on H1. I like it, I think the whole thing is going to look fantastic when finished. Which rooms over look the side yard?

Had a bit of a chuckle over your Dad's weekend sayings hehehe

Bernadette and Perry said...

Yeah - photos!!! (Picture me dancing around!) That's what we like to see - looks great so far. Dad's are bloody marvellous. Hope I can build good stuff like that for my kids when they need it. Keep those updates coming!