Monday, October 20, 2008

More progress ... 2 weekends in a row!!!!

I'm very pleased to report another very successful weekend of progress in the backyard, and you may not believe it, but all of it was done WITHOUT the help of Dad. His back is most grateful for the break I'm sure!!!

Jobs this weekend were:

1. Paint retaining wall - DONE
2. Paint inside of garden beds with that thick black stuff that stops water from getting through the bricks - DONE
3. Paint garden beds - 90% DONE
4. Paint blueboard - DONE
5. Move 8 tonnes of dirt into the garden beds at the back - 50% done

Not sure if you've ever had 8 tonnes of dirt delivered to your nature strip .. and then had to move it out the back by the barrow load .... but it's pretty hard work. J had this job and by about 4 tonnes (approx) he was really starting to feel it. So he had some X-Box playing time to give his arms and back a rest. Good thing his controller fingers weren't aching!!

And yes ... there were 'differences of opinion' aired on how things should be done :-). Wouldn't be landscaping without these would it!!!!

In the second picture down you can just make out a paver on the right hand side. We think the creamy paver will look really nice against the other colours.

Now I know that green is not everybody's cup of tea (nor was it husband's) but he even likes the colour. Can't wait to get some plants in there. Should look ace!! I've decided to go with my first choice in the garden beds .. yuccas. I love them and after looking around at a billion different plants, I still keep going back to them so I'm taking that as a sign.

Our 'faux' rendering was done by Dulux Full Texture paint. What a great invention this stuff is for the DIY'er. We have done 2 coats (first coat colour was too light) but we think we got it right with the 2nd coat. There are a couple of patches that don't look so great, so we are going to give it a 3rd coat to see if we can even it up. It looks good - but we want to get it as perfect as possible.

Next weekend the backyard will take a breather as J is in Hobart and I am going to have a lazy 2 days at home. Yay.

First coat of texture paint on bricks

2nd coat of texture paint on bricks

Everything painted - probably need one more coat on the bricks to make it look a bit better

Retaining wall painted


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House-To-Be said...

oh I see you've been hit with the spam too........idiots.......

Backyard looks fantastic!!!! Had a chuckle about doing it all without Dad ;-) and about John's "controlling fingers" hehehe

Looks so good, you must be pleased. I think the green looks great and once the barbie's in and also the plants it's going to look great.

I nearly popped in to visit on Saturday as I was around your way but spent more time at the Window Furnishings place that I was going to (not surprising given they have 15 million samples of fabric to look at!). Lucky though, you might have given me a paint brush ;-)

Bernadette and Perry said...

Oh yeah! You guys rock! Looks frikkin (as Bern would say) awesome!

I like the faux render. That's on my list. What sort of paint did you go for with the blueboard? Special outdoorsy type stuff with a sealer? C'mon... I'm learning from you now!

Anonymous said...

Perry, the Answer you seek is "Dulux Weathershield" Its self Priming and from all accounts will go straight onto blue board. It does look ace doesnt it, even my dodgy plastering looks good.