Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The front garden

Well all of our attention of late is on the backyard and my poor little front yard is feeling very neglected.

So ... I thought I'd show you how my plants are doing. Now, please excuse all the mess around these beds as we have to re-do the path to the front door and fix other parts of the front as well ... so don't focus on the mess. Just focus on the healthy plants :-))


House-To-Be said...

Gee the front has grown heaps!! What's the sticky up plant - top photo on the left - called?

Have you grown to like your render colour? Has the portico taken on a different look with the garden established?

Bet ya Bruce is loving all that ;-)

The tales of J&A said...

Sticky up plant is a yucca head.

Nah .. still don't like the render colour but with everything else I tend to look at that rather than the render.

Poor Bruce has gone missing .. I think Sarah bouncing her ball on the front deck sent him running!! We actually had a blue tongue in the back yard a couple of weeks ago (I was sure it was Bruce) but I was worried about the dogs attacking him so I eventually caught him (boy those things can move) and put him in another paddock across the road. Hope he's enjoying his new home :-))

House-To-Be said...

Thanks for the plant name. I saw a front garden in Hawkstowe Estate last night, it only had one plant throughout and I'm sure it was the Yucca - looked great.

Poor Bruce, hope he found another nice new home to live in. Funny mental picture of you chasing him around the backyard! hehe

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