Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sssssh... don't tell my boss!!

Yesterday (Wednesday), Dad was dropping off my brother's new BBQ (brother only lives 10 mins away from me) so he thought he'd swing by our place and sand the blueboard ready for the topcoat. He knew we didn't have a ladder so couldn't reach the top bit. I asked him what time he'd be at our place so I could leave work and meet him ... his response (earlier in the week) was "don't know but probably late afternoon".

So I decided to leave work at lunch time, then do work at home for the afternoon while waiting for Dad. Lo and behold, when I got home at about 1:00 he was already there, and had started sanding!!!

Oh well .. good one, I still had every intention of working.

When we put one of the sleepers up the previous evening, we'd stuffed it up a bit and it wasn't levelling properly, so I asked Dad if he could take a look and see how we could fix it. No problems was the reply.

Well ... 3 hours later and this is what we finished!!! No work done for my actual paid job, but the retaining wall is now complete. John (very timely) arrived home just as we were packing up the tools.

This weekend's job is to start painting the retaining wall (and fence), paint blueboard and brickwork. We are also going to get some soil for the garden bed and bring that in.

Going to be a busy weekend I think!!!


Gav and Ness said...

Looking great guys.... About time... hehehe... Your dad is doing a fantastic job.... I bet he keeps saying to you guys less bikes more work.... hehehehhe
We should hopefully be in within a month... I Hope... Fingers crossed anyway....

House-To-Be said...

Gee your Dad is great Andy, can he adopt me for a few months early next year hehehe My Dad is a great handyman too shame he lives in Brisbane :-( I might have to fly him down for the working visit early in the new year :-)

Backyard is going to look fantastic!

Bernadette and Perry said...

That looks sensational! Work is over-rated, and time is far more productive at home. The thing that struck me about the awesome retaining wall you've put in, is how much planting you now need to do. I have a good book you can borrow... :-)