Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2 days to go

I can't believe that at this time in 48 hours we will have the keys to our brand new home (and most probably already be a little bit drunk!!).

We had the pre-hand over inspection yesterday which went pretty well. Main disappointment was some wanker (or wankers) had broken in, punched a hole in the plaster and cut the plumbing pipes. It's beyond me why people have to do this. It was pointless getting upset about it or getting angry because the damage had been done so me getting worked up would only cause me grief, nobody else.

Anyway, Peter was great about it all and got straight onto the relevant people that needed to fix it all up and while he was disappointed as well, he wasn't overly worried about it. Apparently worst things have happened and he is no longer surprised at what people do on building sites. He just can't figure people out either!! Recently he has had somebody try to take out a whole kitchen ... yes ... a kitchen ..... and he fixed it up and they came back for a second shot!!!!

Other than that, we were really happy with it all. A few paint touch ups here and there and some brick work to be fixed but nothing major. It certainly won't effect picking up the keys on Thursday!!!

The fencing guy was there also yesterday and had started to dig the holes for the posts. The rain clouds must have scared him away because he left the site and didn't return!! Hopefully he's back there today.

So apart from the issue of the knob-heads, we are still unbelievably excited about our house. Can't wait to move in and start enjoying it and having friends and loved ones over to show of our little creation.

Photos will be posted after hand over on Thursday!!


Missy said...

No? Like, seriously, what was the point of punching a hole and then cutting the plumbing? I mean, I get the whole idea behind taking - or at least trying - to take the kitchen. Kitchen renos can be very costly. But what does punching a hole in the plaster achieve?

Well, I'm counting down the days until we are finished, too. I know it will most certainly fly right before my eyes. Not at all relieved about the money issue. But I've learned to deal with it. Not 100% happy but totally past caring or talking about it any further. Hence, I've cut ties with the relevant party and let the other half deal with him until completion. Haha

Will be waiting for those photos. And congrats! I say, start drinking now! :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats Guys....so exciting!

And Knobheads is too nice a description for some people!

Vanderlay Industries!