Monday, May 07, 2007

"Dad the builder" la la la la la la la la

Can he check it ... YES HE CAN .......

Sunday morning we met the elderly's (aka Dad & Liz) for breakfast then took a drive to the house. Liz hadn't seen it at all and the last time Dad saw it was before the plaster went up.

Dad was a builder for about 30 years and he's one of those 'old school' builders that has to have everything perfect. He quite often rants and raves about these 'young blokes' that cut corners on building sites and don't do things properly.

Anyway - we were very keen to get him down to have a look before the walk through on the 17th. That way we would know just what we could and couldn't complain about.

It appears that our love for Peter & his band of merry men has not been without reason. HUGE sigh of relief. Dad went through and checked that all the cornices were straight .. inspected paint work and the brickwork. A huge thumbs up from Dad - you have no idea how pleased John and I are. From our point of view we always thought they were doing a good job, but it's nice to hear it from somebody that actually knows what they are talking about.

We even got a big tick from Liz (ex interior designer with a touch of snobbiness) on the bathroom and the kitchen. It kills her that the location is so 'bogan' but too bad. Most of our neighbours seem great and I'm positive we are going to love living there.

Still a bit disappointed with the tiler who hasn't been back to finish off but I guess he's got another 10 days before we need to panic.

Start my new job on 28 May (after a weekend of painting) and move the following weekend. Talk about bad timing!!

I can't imagine there will be much to update until the 17th May when we do the walk through but I'm sure I could waffle on about something.

Catch ya' soon :-)


Missy said...

Errr...bogan area? What exactly does that mean? :|

And why does she care? She won't be living there, right? And what is she - one of them Toorak trendies?


Anonymous said...

I though this street was great. All the neighbours get along. No idiots..... so far and nice area. Its weird how some ppl pick on other ppls stuff and lifestyle yet theirs is no Bold and Beautiful champagne pockets life :P

Andy's getting married said...

I agree anon. I used to let it worry me but I then realised that it's just not worth it. We will never lead a grand lifestyle but we are happy. We are happy with the house, even if it is simple and plain. :-))

Anonymous said...

Who knows where life will lead us.
The experts tell us that we Aussies live on average about seven years in the one home.
So one small step for you guys now and down the track a bigger leap towards wealth creation and long term financial security for you and yours.
You rock :-)