Thursday, May 31, 2007

What's up with the tradies??

OK .. so I'm about to have a bit of a rant and rave about tradies. if you are one, please don't take offence as in general, I love you all.

Quite a few times in the last week I have been amazed at the service that tradies don't give.

I give you example 1.

paling fence installed. looks great, however a billion little pieces of wood strewn across the backyard with quite a lot of rubbish (from the fence) on the block behind us. 7 days after it still hasn't been cleaned up, even after putting a call in to the fencing place asking them why they didn't clean up. Fortunately they stuffed up the gate (made it too small) so the guy they sent to fix it did the cleaning up (might I add, complaining about the previous guy while he did it).

Example 2.

Floor boards installed. Not a cheap exercise I can assure you. You will no doubt (hopefully) understand my fury when we checked his work and noted that he had indeed finished his work, however the floors were covered in dust, muddy foot prints and dust also all over our cleaned kitchen. Upon calling the installer I was mocked by the person on the other end, virtually asking why I would expect that they should have to clean up after they have installed it. Can you believe that??!!! I was most unhappy and fortunately the better half but a rocket up their backside, and made it very clear that we would not be happy (read: you will not be paid) until the floor was cleaned. Was it too much to ask to have a freshly cleaned floor after installation? Perhaps .. I don't really know as I've never built before but logic tells me that you present a quality product to ensure a happy customer who will pay your bill.

Example 3 (not really a tradie problem but an annoyance factor with PD).

I'm pretty positive PD would be making a sizeable profit on the building of our house. Again, while not being a builder or a person that owns a business, I still think that maybe it's the little things that keep a customer happy. Like providing light globes in the 5 rooms that have batten lights!! What's up with that??!!! We have a zillion downlights ... all of which have been provided with a globe so that we can see at night. The very few rooms that have battens (ready for something lovely to go in there) are not provided with globes. How much is a globe do you reckon .... $1 each? Blimey charley .... maybe I'm just expecting too much.

Anyway ... anyhoo ...or any bloody way you want .......will be glad to get home and have an ale or three. Not having a good day as you have probably figured out.


Missy said...

You're not the only one having a bad day. :|

But hey, it's Friday tomorrow. So for me, that means just another day to work before the weekend. And for you, that means one more day to pack before you have to move. :)

Rel said...

Your house is looking fab ! The floorbairds and colours look stunning.

At least your tradies turn up, I have lost count of the number of times I have sat around for hours waiting for someone to show up, GRRRRR !!

The first time we built the builder didn't supply light globes either, I think that's pretty standard.

Anonymous said...

Light globes?
You want light globes!
and you want the tradies to clean up afterwards?
I'd like to see that...Priceless! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeh I know how you feel!! They supply the stupid looking chinaman hats on the battons but no globes.... I'd much prefer the globe rather than that 1c light shade. And I've got the same floor as you and no one cleaned up it was as u describe it. So feel assured you're not the only one. I also have 100million pieces of wood in my yard from the fence ppl and they didnt come back to clean it. I couldn't argue about not paying because it was in my price.

Anyhow, we all learn dont we.


Bernadette & Perry said...

No light globes! They must have lost money on your home.

Yeah. Right.

Perhaps there's an Occupation Health and Safety reason why they can't install them. Climbing a ladder and all that.

Yeah. Right.

Must be legal reasons.

Good to see you are moving in.

When's the house warming? I'll even bring some globes!