Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The fence is up

Well today was my last day at work. It was probably the alcohol but I felt a bit teary when I was leaving. It's been great working there and I will miss everybody.. but as they say .. onward and upward!!

Anyway .... onto the house.

This afternoon dropped by to see that the fence was up!! Bloody unbelievable. I'm told that I shouldn't have been surprised that it was done in 2 days but I reckon that putting all of those bits of wood together would have taken me an eternity! well, maybe not an eternity but certainly longer than 2 days.

The backyard seems a lot bigger than I expected it to be. Yes it's quite small comparing it to other back yards but pleased that it is a bit bigger thanI imagined it.

There are a few gaps under the fence that we will need to deal with otherwise the escapee hounds will be running amok on the estate.

Key collection is tomorrow (time TBD) ....

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